SRM 1.1 final release

Warm weer of niet, hier of in Taiwan, Synology gaat gewoon door! Er is hard gewerkt aan een final release van SRM 1.1. en die is nu te installeren.

Er is een waslijst van nieuwe features , zelfs nog weer uitgebreid ten opzichte van de bèta. In de release notes ook aandacht voor de wijzigingen in de DS Router apps en de utilities.

Versie: 1.1-6338

(19 juli 2016)

Before Starting

  1. The DDNS of will be removed in SRM 1.1 due to unclarified domain usage violation. Please refer to details.

What’s New in SRM 1.1

  1. Traffic Report
    • Generates reports for applications and devices on a weekly/monthly/annual basis, letting users monitor network traffic efficiently anytime and anywhere.
    • Summarizes network traffic information for analyzing if certain devices/applications are consuming too much bandwidth, and for investigating security concerns.
    • You can also set up a schedule to receive reports via email regularly.
    • Generates traffic reports and provides history overview instantly.
    • Supports exporting reports in CSV format.
  2. Smart Connect
    • Automatic frequency band selection for your device according to its surrounding environment.
    • Advanced mechanism for band selection based on customized criteria.
  3. Smart WAN
    • Ensures continuous network services in the event of Internet connection failure with automatic failover.
    • Provides Internet connection via two network interfaces with load balancing, which can spread traffic across both interfaces according to customizable settings.
    • Provides policy route to allow you to distribute traffic by source/destination address to specific interfaces.
  4. Parental Control
    • Integrated with Google SafeSearch to easily block thousands of inappropriate sites related to violence or sex.
    • Multiple profiles can be created for the Custom web-filter in order to block different sets of inappropriate sites.
  5. Firewall
    • Overall IPv4 and IPv6 security enhancements for both Synology Router and its subordinate LAN/Wi-Fi devices to prevent malicious traffic from the Internet.
    • Hit times of each rule will be logged for security investigation.
    • Supports setting up rules for both TCP and UDP connection at once.
    • Added the Service page for secure and easy management of Internet access to all SRM applications.
  6. Others in Network Center
    • Internet
      • Supports secondary WAN interface.
      • Added options of frequently used services (e.g. FTP and HTTP) in Port Forwarding.
      • Updated DDNS provider list:
        1. Google
        2. Variomedia
        3. CloudNS
        4. DNSEXIT
        5. com
        6. DNS-O-MATIC (Additional purchase required)
        7. cn
        8. ChangeIP
      • Local Network
        • Supports creating a domain name for SRM and the subordinate devices.
        • Supports IGMP Proxy.
      • Traffic Control
        • Removing the settings of devices in Traffic Control will not affect the settings in Parental Control now.
        • You can now edit multiple devices at the same time.
        • Added support for erasing traffic statistics.
        • Added packet counts for traffic statistics.
        • Added the “Application categories” option for viewing traffic statistics.
        • Provides up to 1-year long traffic statistics.
  1. Log Center
    • Added the “Network” option for log classification.
  2. Customized Wallpaper
    • You can now customize your desktop wallpaper.

What’s New in Packages & Utilities

  1. Intrusion Prevention
    • Works as an intrusion detection system (IDS) when the “Detect malicious packets” option is enabled, and analyzes traffic and detects network intrusion to enhance security.
    • Works as an intrusion prevention system (IPS) when both of the “Detect malicious packets” and the “Drop detected malicious packets” options are enabled, and inspects network packets for proactive protection against suspicious traffic.
    • Provides graphical statistics and analysis of malicious packets.
    • Supports packet detection/prevention for multiple network interfaces at the same time.
    • Loaded with rule sets for comprehensive protection and applies the corresponding Alert/Drop action for detected packets.
    • Supports updating the ruleset database.
  2. Cloud Station Server
    • Automatically synchronizes files between your Windows, Mac, Linux computers (Cloud Station Drive), iOS and Android mobile devices (DS cloud).
    • Offers backup service for Windows, Mac, Linux computers running Cloud Station Backup.
    • Keeps up to 32 historical versions of files with incremental data.
    • Respects ACL and Linux permissions.
  3. Cloud Station Drive
    • An application which sync files between your computers and Synology Router via the Internet, so that your data and documents are always up-to-date and stay beside you. Even without an Internet connection, you can still view or edit your files within the specific folder offline, and all the changes will be automatically synced to your Synology Router and other computers when the Internet connection is restored.
    • Supports installers for different operation systems:
      1. Windows XP and onward
      2. Mac OS X 10.7 and onward
      3. Ubuntu or Fedora (officially supported versions)
  1. Cloud Station Backup
    • A backup service that backs up files from multiple client computers to your Synology Router.
    • Supports installers for different operation systems:
      1. Windows XP and onward
      2. Mac OS X 10.7 and onward
      3. Ubuntu or Fedora (officially supported versions)

What’s New in Mobile Apps

  1. DS router for iPhone/iPad/Android
    • The feature for wireless signaling:
      1. iOS: You can now check the link rate between your device and the Synology Router anywhere when connected through Wi-Fi.
      2. Android: You can now check the signal strength/link rate between your device and the Synology Router anywhere when connected through Wi-Fi.
    • Supports remotely rebooting the Synology Router.
    • Supports multiple profiles for the custom web-filter.
    • Supports Google SafeSearch.
    • Supports setting up TCP/UDP port forwarding at the same time.
    • Supports setting up the source port and the destination port in one firewall rule.
    • Supports firewall to block/allow IPv4 and IPv6 traffic from WAN to Synology Router and to the subordinate LAN/Wi-Fi devices.
    • Supports Wi-Fi Smart Connect.
  2. DS cloud for iPhone/iPad/Android
    • DS cloud is the counterpart to Cloud Station for your mobile devices. It allows you to choose the folders on your Synology Router which you want to sync to your mobile devices and make available for offline viewing anywhere you go. DS cloud also gives you total control over the sync criteria: for each folder, you can set the maximum file size as well as the type of files you wish to sync.

Known Issues & Limitations

  1. SRM
    • Primary and secondary interfaces cannot be both set to PPPoE connections simultaneously.
    • Only the primary interface can be set as a VPN client.
    • When the secondary interface (LAN 1) is set as the default gateway for Internet access, the IPTV & VoIP settings will still only act on the primary interface (WAN).
  2. DS router
    • DS router must be upgraded to the latest version to be compatible with SRM 1.1:
      1. iOS: v1.1.1
      2. Android: v1.1.1
    • iOS 7 or earlier is not supported from DS router 1.1 or onward.
    • Android 4.0.4 or earlier is not supported from DS router 1.1 or onward.
  3. Intrusion Prevention
    • Running this package will demand CPU resources and system memory; the IPS (intrusion prevention system) mode will lower the maximum transmission rate.
    • The secondary interface (at Network Center > Internet > Connection) is not yet supported.
    • Wireless bridge mode and wireless client mode are not yet supported.
  4. Cloud Station Server
    • Cloud Station Server on SRM only supports external hard drives, USB drives, or SD cards formatted in ext4 with storage capacity larger than 4GB.
    • Shared folder syncing is not supported; that is, a Cloud Station ShareSync client cannot be paired with a Cloud Station Server on SRM.
    • Database location settings are not changeable.
  5. VPN Server
    • VPN Server must be updated to be compatible with SRM 1.1.
    • VPN Server may fail to create connection when the secondary interface (at Network Center > Internet > Connection) is enabled.


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Van een CS407 via een DS410j inmiddels eigenaar van een DS1513+ met DX513 uitbreiding. Voorlopig meer dan voldoende ruimte voor DVD's, films, muziek en mijn andere hobby fotograferen. Beheer via CMS ook andere diskstations.

One comment

  1. Na de final release is er al een kleine update, die we hier als commentaar op die nieuwe versie vermelden:

    Versie: 1.1-6338-1


    – Enhanced the security of UPnP-related applications (CVE-2016-6255: libupnp).
    – Fixed an issue where settings in Network Center > Security > Service might be incorrectly displayed after adding certain firewall rules.
    – Fixed an issue where PPPoE connection might fail after the upgrade.
    – Fixed an issue where switching the Internet connection type from Auto to Manual might fail.
    – Fixed an issue where SRM might fail to acquire DHCP IP addresses from certain ISPs in the United States.

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