SRM 1.1.4 gepubliceerd

Geen Koningsdag in Taiwan, dus gewoon een update van SRM, met een lange waslijst aan nieuwigheden, ‘fixed issues’ en beveiligingsverbeteringen.

Als je de VPN van Synology op je router hebt draaien moet je die wel updaten naar versie 1.1.0 (of hoger) anders werkt hij niet (meer).

Versie: 1.1.4-6509

27 april 2017

Compatibility and Installation

  1. Changed VPN implementation from Openswan to Libreswan.

What’s new

  1. You can now determine to enable/disable MU-MIMO.
  2. Added support for Wireless Repeater mode (RT2600ac only).
  3. Added support for Website History in Traffic Monitor.
  4. You can now customize DNS server address in Guest Network.
  5. Upgraded DPI signature
  6. Added support for Bing and Youtube in SafeSearch.
  7. Added support for USB tethering from Android device.
  8. System Information is now available in Control Panel.
  9. You can now customize web-filter block page.
  10. Added support for more 3G/LTE dongles.
  11. Signal and cell site information is now available in 3G/LTE.
  12. You can now edit default policy in Parental Control.
  13. You can now set up Reboot Schedule.
  14. You can now customize login page.

Fixed issues

  1. Fixed an issue where 2.4GHz Wi-Fi might fail to keep its bandwidth on 40 MHz.
  2. Fixed an issue where Wi-Fi might not work on the correct channel in certain countries/regions.
  3. Fixed an issue where Wi-Fi password in hexadecimal format might fail to be saved in WPA/WPA2 mode.
  4. Fixed an issue where an abnormal amount of unknown domains and countries might display in Traffic Report.
  5. Fixed an issue where SRM might fail to access Internet when LAN and the Secondary WAN use the same subnet.
  6. Fixed an issue where the performance might be affected when some LAN ports are connecting to 100Mbps devices.
  7. Fixed an issue where the secondary WAN interface might display as disabled when OpenVPN connection is used.
  8. Fixed an issue where IPTV service might fail to work through certain ISP.
  9. Fixed an issue where SMB service might fail to work properly.
  10. Fixed an issue where drag-and-drop might fail to function properly with Firefox 52.
  11. Fixed an issue where the primary WAN interface might fail to work properly when VPN connection is enabled.
  12. Fixed an issue where the default gateway might not be updated when a DHCP client has not received DNS information.
  13. Fixed an issue where IPv6 connection might fail to be established.
  14. Fixed an issue where the NAS device under Synology Router might fail to use QuickConnect to connect to IPv6 network through 6to4 tunnel.
  15. Fixed an issue where Interface Check might fail to send PING packets.
  16. Fixed an issue where devices on LAN might fail to connect via PPPoE when PPPoE Relay is enabled on Synology Router.
  17. Fixed an issue where SafeSearch might fail to work on Windows 10.

Known Issues and Limitations

  1. VPN Plus Server must be updated to version 1.1.0 or above to be compatible with SRM 1.1.4.
  2. Wireless Repeater Mode will be changed to Bridge Mode when the configuration is restored to a Synology Router running SRM earlier than version 1.1.4.
  3. Additional client device will display on the parental router of a wireless repeater.
  4. Client devices which are wirelessly connected to the repeater will display as wired ones on the parental router.

CVE Security Updates

  1. Fixed multiple security vulnerabilities regarding TCPDump (CVE-2016-7922, CVE-2016-7923, CVE-2016-7924, CVE-2016-7925, CVE-2016-7926, CVE-2016-7927, CVE-2016-7928, CVE-2016-7929, CVE-2016-7930, CVE-2016-7931, CVE-2016-7932, CVE-2016-7933, CVE-2016-7934, CVE-2016-7935, CVE-2016-7936, CVE-2016-7937, CVE-2016-7938, CVE-2016-7939, CVE-2016-7940, CVE-2016-7973, CVE-2016-7974, CVE-2016-7975, CVE-2016-7983, CVE-2016-7984, CVE-2016-7985, CVE-2016-7986, CVE-2016-7992, CVE-2016-7993, CVE-2016-8574, CVE-2016-8575, CVE-2017-5202, CVE-2017-5203, CVE-2017-5204, CVE-2017-5205, CVE-2017-5341, CVE-2017-5342, CVE-2017-5482, CVE-2017-5483, CVE-2017-5484, CVE-2017-5485,CVE-2017-5486)
  2. Fixed multiple security vulnerabilities regarding Linux Kernel (CVE-2017-2636, CVE-2017-6348, CVE-2017-6345, CVE-2017-6353, CVE-2017-6214, CVE-2016-7910, CVE-2016-7911, CVE-2017-6074, CVE-2017-5986, CVE-2016-10208, CVE-2016-10088).
  3. Fixed multiple security vulnerabilities regarding Imagemagick (CVE-2016-10144, CVE-2016-10145, CVE-2017-5506, CVE-2017-5507, CVE-2017-5508, CVE-2016-10146, CVE-2017-5509, CVE-2017-5510, CVE-2017-5511)
  4. Fixed multiple security vulnerabilities regarding FFmpeg (CVE-2017-5024, CVE-2017-5025, CVE-2016-10190, CVE-2016-10191, CVE-2016-10192).
  5. Fixed multiple security vulnerabilities regarding OpenSSL (CVE-2017-3731, CVE-2017-3732, CVE-2016-7055).
  6. Fixed multiple security vulnerabilities regarding XML (CVE-2016-4658, CVE-2016-5131).
  7. Fixed a security vulnerability regarding Glibc (CVE-2015-8982).
  8. Fixed a security vulnerability regarding cURL (CVE-2016-9586)
  9. Fixed a security vulnerability regarding PHPMailer (CVE-2016-10033)
  10. Fixed a security vulnerability regarding PNG (CVE-2016-10087)
  11. Fixed a security vulnerability regarding Linux system daemon (CVE-2016-10156)

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