DSM 6.0.1-7393 gepubliceerd

De nieuwste versie van DSM 6.0 bevat geen spectaculaire nieuwigheden, maar bevat wel eveneens de kleine updates die we de afgelopen tijd hebben gezien. Dus als je gewacht hebt met updaten, dan kun je dat nu in een moeite doen.

In het kielzog van deze update zijn veel packages op het disk station ook van een nieuwe versie voorzien.

Versie: 6.0.1-7393

What’s New

  1. This update includes all bug fixes as well as security fixes in the previously released updates since DSM 6.0-7321.
  2. EDS14 can now be upgraded to DSM 6.0.1.
  3. Improved overall performance for multiple client connections.
  4. SSD TRIM is now supported on DS715, DS1515, and DS2015xs.
  5. File Station
    • The sorting algorithm has been changed from sorting by name to natural sort order.
    • Changed the filter function to the search function to locate files efficiently.
    • Supports search history.
  6. High Availability Manager
    • Added the quorum server settings to reduce split-brain error occurrences.
    • Proxy servers are supported.
    • Supports customized DSM ports and HTTPS connection.
    • Reduced by 60% the average time for detecting disconnected networks before automatic failover.
    • Improved HA cluster stability during upgrade.
    • Supports installing DSM on RC18015xs+ in network environments without a DHCP server.

Fixed Issues

  1. Fixed an issue where an ext2 external storage device could not be mounted.
  2. Fixed an issue where shared folders on NTFS external storage devices could not be remotely mounted to some models via NFS.
  3. Reduced memory usage for writing data to an NTFS external storage device.
  4. Fixed an issue where Microsoft Excel files in an encrypted shared folder on some models could not be correctly accessed via Windows File Service.
  5. Fixed a security vulnerability regarding the p7zip module (CVE-2016-2335).
  6. Fixed an issue where files might not appear in search results if their file types were not specified for file indexing.
  7. Fixed an issue where backup tasks could not complete when the remote destination was encrypted.
  8. Fixed an issue where IPv6 link-local authentication might fail for rsync.
  9. Fixed an issue where backup tasks in Time Backup might not run after system upgrade.
  10. Fixed an issue where system monitoring processes might demand system memory on RS10613xs+, RS18016xs+, and RC18015xs+.
  11. Applied the workaround to mitigate a security vulnerability of ImageMagick module (CVE-2016-5118).
  12. Minor bug fixes.

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